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3 Reasons Why Generative AI is Disrupting the Creative Economy

3 Reasons Why Generative AI is Disrupting the Creative Economy

Generative AI creators

AI art generator apps like Dall-E 2, OpenAI, and GPT-3 empower content creators to streamline their creative process and speed up procedural tasks without spending energy or time.

These pre-made prompts allow creators time to focus on making higher-value creative proposals from an AI art generator.

Let’s find out today how advancements in AI are empowering content creators:

Lensa AI Goes Viral on TikTok

Instagram, Twitter, and even Discord groups are flooded with images from Lensa AI, the “magic avatars” app that actually went viral on TikTok first.

Before Lensa AI went viral, many people knew as much about generative AI tools as the daily average fellow knows about the Metaverse.

They probably had a friend or two toying with these and might’ve seen one of these random Instagram videos of an AI galaxy with holistic choir music and quickly scrolled away.

What Lensa AI did differently than the rest, made their AI content shareable on social media, and triggered people’s F.O.M.O. of the new big thing.

The human factor of the avatars also made them more likely to get viral than a random generative AI stock image of a forest. Plus, the AI avatars do look gorgeous.

Lensa AI uses Stable Diffusion’s free, open-source AIimage generator, so if you don’t want to pay the $7.99 or the $3.99 free trial, you can just download Stable Diffusion o your own and get similar results.

Lensa’s appeal is that they already get your images ready for social media, so you just have to send them some selfies and they’ll generate an anime-esque or fantasy-like avatar of yourself.

It went viral on TikTok, then on Instagram, and then Lensa AI made half a million dollars in a day.

There’s an AI Art Generator For All Creators.

I’ve already used OpenAi and DALL-E 2’s AI art generator for my latest article’s images. Today’s image was made using Wombo Art.

Artist Arram Sabeti created an AI language model known as GPT-3 to create readable text given a simple prompt, similar to how Jasper AI does for blog outlines and copywriting.

Many writers struggle to write the grim void of the blank page. GPT-3 bypasses writer’s block by making up a preliminary draft, which the writer can then rework and use as a starting point for their content.

Both have the drawback of performing less well with long-form texts, and the excellent copy needs some manual polish from time to time.

Still, the time it saves copywriters at blowing past writer’s block makes their job more efficient.

OpenAI Empowers Visual Artists Through AI Stock.

For designers and virtual artists, OpenAI has created many AI-powered programs and machine learning algorithms that allow the creation of paintings from the text.

DALL-E 2’s edit feature allows users to change a generated or uploaded image through Inpainting.

With their recent Outpainting feature, users can extend the original image by using large-scale photos in any aspect ratio.

Many of these apps work through a credit system or are outright subscriptions. DALL-E 2 gives users 50 free credits during their first month of use, and 15 free credits every month afterward, which they can then purchase in different increments for $15.

Content Creators Can Leverage AI Stock

Businesses can also benefit from using an AI art generator to keep communication across their channels consistent.

Email subject lines, website copy, and ads can all be made in a couple of seconds through GPT-3.

Another use case for an AI image generator is repurposing existing content, which is integral to a successful long-term content creator’s production strategy.

Many AI generation apps have a “repurpose content” feature, where you can insert an old blog post or article, and Jasper AI will rephrase the writing in a new way.

An AI Art Generator Can Change The Game

AI generation apps require a couple of tries after inserting the prompt to get the best result, so it’s certain that with trial and error, artists can benefit from their automatic prompts and instant content generation.

There’s still a way to go before the apps can generate a completely accurate image, but sometimes the added surrealism or “letting the AI do its work” can result in aesthetic creations you couldn’t imagine, or some pretty clever poetry.

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