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Fashion Brands Should Move To Web3 Immediately

By sebcal1_sqdwb5

Fashion Brands Should Move To Web3 Immediately As the world becomes more decentralized, fashion brands need to move into the Metaverse as quickly as possible. With Web 3, consumers will be able to buy and sell directly from each other without the need for intermediaries. This will cut out a lot of the costs of…

How Can Brands Benefit from White Label NFT marketplaces?

By sebcal1_sqdwb5

How Can Brands Benefit From A White Label NFT Marketplace?   White-label NFT services have grown in popularity, with many big companies developing their own NFT marketplace through them or investing in existing NFT marketplaces to profit from their sales. NFTs were the buzzword of 2021 and also of 2022 for different reasons. Two crypto…